7 Types Of Psychiatric Care Used In Substance Use Treatment

7 Types Of Psychiatric Care Used In Substance Use Treatment


Substance use can create a problematic pattern of addiction towards alcohol, opioids, gambling, heroin, cannabis, or other substances. This issue is not only associated with several physical concerns but it can also be a major factor behind mental health conditions. If you or your near ones are suffering from substance use disorder then it is essential to avail of psychiatric care in Siliguri for mental and physical well-being. 

Psychiatric care is an essential part of the de-addiction treatment that plays a significant role in reducing the psychological and physical dependence on a substance. A well-planned de-addiction treatment can help you control your emotions, thoughts, and activities while managing the constant substance use compulsion or cravings. 

H2- What Is Psychiatric Care? 

Psychiatric care is a specialized form of mental health care offered by an experienced psychiatric doctor that can cure the mental health illnesses associated with substance use. This treatment method may include therapy, medications or a combination of both, which can manage the distressing symptoms of anxiety, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and depression. 

Some of the benefits of psychiatric care that you can attain during your de-addiction treatment journey are improved symptoms and enhanced coping skills. This treatment method can also help the patients find a purpose in their life again which will ultimately promote the recovery journey.

Here are some of the types of psychiatric care that can be used in substance use treatment. 

1. Sober Living Programs 

The first type of psychiatric care used in substance use treatment is developing sober living programs. This program helps in creating a supportive, safe, and addiction-free environment for the patients so that they can maintain their abstinence towards addictive substances. 

This treatment approach is essential for maintaining a positive and supportive mental mindset always during the recovery journey. Sober living programs also contribute to offering relapse-preventing awareness, recovery programs, and an understanding of important life skills. 

2. Psychology Therapy 

One of the most important psychiatric care treatments is psychology therapy which may include various therapeutic techniques such as cognitive behavioural, occupational, progressive relaxation, and group therapies. This is the best de-addiction treatment approach since it prioritizes mental health. 

You can visit one of the well-known mental hospitals to avail yourself of beneficial psychological therapy to understand the emotional triggers behind addiction. These therapies will enable you to practice mindfulness to replace all your negative thoughts with positive ones.

3. Counselling 

Another significant type of psychiatric care therapy is counselling which can help the doctor understand the main reasons behind addiction. This method helps in developing a personalized recovery plan to maintain sobriety. 

The most impactful counselling strategies that are used by the best psychiatrists are one-to-one discussion, family, and group counselling. Herein, group and family counselling helps in indulging the family members and people with similar experiences to aid mental well-being.

4. Meditation

A well-developed de-addiction program may also include certain risks of relapse and post-acute withdrawal syndrome that can cause physical and mental distress. During such situations, you can attain peace of mind and emotional stability by practising relaxation techniques and meditation. 

Meditation is another treatment type of psychiatric care in Siliguri which can also reduce stress, brain activity, and insomnia while improving your mood, flexibility, concentration, and overall mental wellness.

5. Medical Detox 

Substance use treatment can lead to the development of several withdrawal symptoms which can lead to mental health issues. Medical detox is a pivotal type of psychiatric care that not only resolves physical issues but can also manage emotional symptoms. 

You can visit a psychiatric hospital to avail of a detox program to clear all the addictive substances from a person’s body while managing the withdrawal symptoms. The mental symptoms managed with it are anxiety, irritability, and hallucinations.

6. Yoga 

Yoga is a proven therapeutic approach to improving your mental state. This type of psychiatric care can also be used during substance use treatment as it will help in healing the negatively impacted parts of your body and brain naturally. 

Apart from this, it will also act as a self-awareness method to motivate the patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Some of the benefits that you can attain by practising yoga while recovering from addiction are stress relief, better sleep, emotional healing, and improved self-esteem.

7. Aftercare Programs 

Aftercare programs are another essential psychiatric care type which is offered to patients who have completed their rehab, sober living, and detox treatment plans. The main role of this program is to offer support services and schedule routine meetings to help patients maintain sobriety against addiction and substance use. 

The drug rehab programs and psychiatric care in Siliguri include various treatment services to help you win the battle against addiction. Apart from medications and therapies, it is also essential to adopt certain lifestyle improvements such as intake of proper nutrition, sleep cycle, and managing stress to enhance body, spirit, and mind wellness. 

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