Everyday Routine At A Rehab Centre In Siliguri

Everyday Routine At A Rehab Centre In Siliguri


Most addicts think that staying in a rehabilitation centre during recovery will feel like being in a hospital setting. However, the concept of spending every minute of your day on medications and treatment in a rehab is wrong as it is much more than that. It is recommended that you visit a rehab centre in Siliguri not only to overcome addiction but also to cure your mind, body, and soul. 

Starting from food and nutrition to relaxation techniques and adaption of coping skills, you can learn many things to live a healthy life in a rehab centre. By choosing the right rehab, you can break the fears of social stigma and withdrawal symptoms while embarking on a new journey towards addiction addiction-free life with the support of your family and friends. 

Here is a Detailed Everyday Routine Followed at a Rehab Centre

  • An early start of the day 

Most of the rehab centres follow the concept of early to bed and early to rise. This is why you will always be encouraged to start your day early on a positive note and with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. 

Being in the sunlight at the morning hours can give you the regular dosage of Vitamin D which is essential for a healthy recovery. You also get the option of attending yoga and meditation classes in the morning which will enable you to have peace of mind throughout the day. 

  • Afternoon Full of Recreation 

In the afternoon, you will be given lifestyle management training that will help you learn important life skills to lead a healthy lifestyle. You must know that your rehab journey will be a perfect balance of treatment and therapy. 

It may also include various recreational activities that will help you to get back to normal life. This is why during the afternoon you will be indulged in various activities such as dance, music, or art that will enable you to develop new interests in life.

  • Time For Counselling Sessions 

After having a nutritive healthy diet designed by an experienced dietician, you will indulge in some effective counselling sessions which are a part of the personalized treatment plan. 

Some of the beneficial therapy options that you can get in the best rehabilitation centre in Siliguri are individual behavioural therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and progressive relaxation therapy. The 12-step treatment process can also be incorporated in the middle of your day to promote addiction recovery. If there is time then various indoor or outdoor activities are arranged after the sessions. 

  • Socially Connected Evening

To improve your social connection and communication skills, during the evening the rehab centre arranges various social meets or sessions. Various group therapies are arranged in the evening which will help you to share your emotions and thoughts with people who share similar interests. 

Additionally, family therapies are also beneficial during the evening as they can solve family communication issues while improving bonding. These meetings are often organized in a safe and addiction-free environment which will help you to gain confidence and stay motivated towards the treatment. 

  • End The Day With Retrospection  

Every day is a progression towards well-being and sobriety and to begin the next day with full energy, you need to have a quality sleep at night. Before sleeping, don’t forget to recognize the small victories that you have accomplished today. 

Your night-time must be all about mindfulness and journaling that can offer you a satisfied and calming piece of mind. If you have some free time then you can spend that on reading a book or praying that can offer you long-term sobriety. 

You should always remember that the rehab centre in Siliguri doesn’t always follow a strict routine. Flexibility and individualized treatment plans are the key features that can help you to withdraw from addiction while getting the best aftercare plan to manage the distressing withdrawal symptoms. Visit a rehab centre now to attain recovery and find a newer perspective towards life! 


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