Top 5 Mental And Physical Effects Of Addiction

Top 5 Mental And Physical Effects Of Addiction


Substance use and addiction is a disorder which can negatively impact the behaviour and brain of a person, where it becomes impossible to control the cravings towards a drug. Addiction can also lead to short and long-term consequences for your physical and mental health that can impact your normal lifestyle. You can visit a detox center in Siliguri if you or your loved one want to manage the distressing symptoms associated with addiction. 

Visiting a renowned detox center will enable you to select an effective detox program to fight the battle against addiction while attaining long-term recovery. Along with addiction symptoms, a detox program will also help you handle the addiction withdrawal symptoms with proper psychological therapies, medications, and support services. 

Let’s discover some of the probable effects of addiction on our mental and physical health. 

Mental Effects 

  • Depression

Depression is one of the major mental effects associated with addiction that can lead to several distressing symptoms. Some of the symptoms of depression that you can notice in a patient are loss of interest, sleeping disturbances, hopelessness, irritability, and deregulated emotions. In some cases, the de-addiction treatment can become difficult due to the overlap of withdrawal symptoms with depression. 

  • Anxiety 

A fight-or-flight response can also be noticed among patients with a substance use history. This is mainly caused due to anxiety where a person perceives some sort of danger which is actually not there. The mental and physical symptoms related to anxiety that one may develop are mood swings, restlessness, excessive worrying, increased heartbeat, and tension. These symptoms can also enhance the dependence of a person towards an illicit substance. 

  • Loss of Interest 

If you have an addiction history and experiencing depression then it is highly important to visit one of the nearest rehabilitation centers. This will help you manage the loss of interest in the daily life activities. Loss of interest is another mental effect of addiction that can demotivate you always and make it difficult to develop interest or passion for an activity which you previously loved. 

  • Cognitive Impairment

Another mental health problem of addiction is cognitive impairment which can also impact the adherence towards the de-addiction treatment. Some of the common cognitive deficits that you may notice in such patients are poor decision-making skills, memory loss, lack of behavioural control, and decreased learning ability. It is essential to avail of immediate treatment from a reputed detox center in Siliguri to manage these issues. 

  • Insomnia 

One of the most common mental health complaints that can be received from people with substance use disorder is insomnia or trouble sleeping. This issue mainly develops due to the changes in the neurochemical functioning of the brain. These changes in the brain can make it difficult for a person to maintain the quality, latency, or duration of their sleep cycle. 

Physical Effects 

  • Weak Immune System 

You’re more prone to develop a weak immune system if you indulge in excessive and prolonged substance use. This will increase your chances of getting sick frequently. In such cases, your body will also find it difficult to fight back against certain viral and bacterial infections. The associated physical and mental symptoms associated with addiction can also be the leading cause behind a poorly functioning immune system.  

  • Brain Damage 

Substance use can also have a long-lasting effect on a person’s brain. The brain damage caused by addiction can lead to the alteration or destruction of brain cells, which can also contribute to the development of mental symptoms. It is important to visit one of the best alcohol rehabilitation centers to minimize the harmful effects of substance use on the brain. 

  • Weight Loss 

Another common physical symptom of addiction is changes in appetite or weight loss. This mainly happens due to suppression caused by the substances on your appetite, where the constant nauseous feeling also makes it difficult to keep the food down. Eating disorders are also associated with addiction which can also be a reason for sudden weight loss. 

  • Liver Problems 

Substance use especially excessive consumption of alcohol can cause serious liver damage. People with a substance use history also have a higher chance of permanent liver failure due to constant exposure to harmful chemicals. Some of the symptoms of liver damage when you must visit one of the reputed de addiction centers for addiction withdrawal are swelling in the abdomen, dark urine, yellowing of eyes and body, and nausea.

  • Heart Conditions 

Consumption of illicit drugs can also contribute to serious cardiovascular problems ranging from an abnormal heartbeat to a major heart attack. Additionally, substance use can also contribute to certain bacterial infections in the heart valves and blood vessels alongside severe collapse of the veins. Some substances can also expose you to experience chronic hypertension which is considered the main reason for kidney problems and heart failure. 

If you want to control these physical and mental effects of addiction with proper treatment then you can visit a well-known detox center in Siliguri. The detox program will understand the triggers behind your addiction to offer you an individualized treatment plan for long-term wellness. 

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