Counseling plays a very important role in De-Addiction treatment. In Genesis Foundation we have trained and professional psychologist who conduct regular Counseling to the patients. Counseling session includes personal one is to one discussion, group discussion and family counseling where trained psychologist conducts different theraphy to the patients and the family members.

Counseling Program

Addiction not only negative impacts the life of the users, it also wreaks havoc upon the lives of their family and friend's. Counseling plays a major role for recovery where we find out the root cause of addiction and behavioral disorder.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Counseling

What can I talk about?

Anything. Counseling is a secure place for you to bring anything you'd like to talk about or to help you work through any problems you're having.

Yes it is absolutely confidential. So you can speak freely.

It depends on how you feel. If you feel the need to continue with the counseling you can.