Addiction is a disease and it needs to be treated like any other mental and physical disorder. In De-Addiction treatment we belive in an ongoing process which includes regular counselling,maintaining a day to day time schedule, yoga, meditation and different types of therapies-such as cultural as well as mental and physical exposures.

De-Addiction treatment

Being an addict the very first thing which a patient lacking are mental and physical exposures. Recovery is transformational and personal. The right treatment center will give you a place to heal and make sure your loved one is safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions on De-Addiction Treatment

Can my family visit me during my time at the rehab?

Families are absolutely important during your medication process. They can help you at a very emotional level. We also have Family therapy programs where your family members can join you.

No, you cannot. Cell phones and computers can distract you from you treatment.

Well, it depends on your condition entirely. And also how you respond to your treatment.