Family Counseling plays a major role in our counseling theraphy. We in Genesis, while dealing with addicts, need to know the detailed history of that patient and his close family members as they are best persons to give the information about them. Now when it comes to counseling, we start with the closest one and help them to understand the root cause of the problem of the addict.

Family Counseling Program

Because once a patient is admitted in Genesis Foundation, their stay with us will be priodie and our motive is to send them back to normal life.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Family Counseling

Are you going to ask uncomfortable questions?

Not exactly. We do not want to cause any discomfort between you and your family.

After your treatment procedure at Genesis is done, it is up to you and your family to follow the path of a good life. So yes, family therapy helps.

Families need help in these times of crisis. Hence letting them a helping hand is always a better option.