How Is Yoga Used In Addiction Treatment?

The practice of yoga may actually help to balance some parts of the brain and body that are impacted by drug abuse in natural way.In addition to the physical aspects of yoga,there are also many emotional benefit as well.When practicing yoga,people are attuned to their bodies,learn to regulate their breathing,and to really listen to their bodies.This can create a self awareness of how things may make a person feel a certain way in a nonjudgemental fashion.

Yoga can also increase every levels,encourage people to eat better,and improve quality of sleep that may be disrupted by drug or alcohol withdrwal symptoms.


Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Has Many Potential Benefits, including :

  • 1) Stress Relief.
  • 2) Increased physical stamina and strength.
  • 3) Self-Reflection and increased Self-Awareness.
  • 4) Healthier exercise and eating habits.
  • 5) Hightened Self-Confidence and improved Self-Image.
  • 6) Pain Relief.
  • 7) Better Sleep.
  • 8) Increased Energy Levels.
  • 9) Reduction in Fatique.
  • 10) Emotional Healing.
  • 11) Overall Health and Wellness Improvement.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Yoga

Is meditation similar to yoga?

Meditation (dhyana) is a part of total yoga practice.

Yoga incorporates a highly holistic approach to wellness in its practise. It involves behaviours that promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

It entirely depends upon you. Whatever suits you will help you.