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Addiction is an issue by which you can face massive repercussions. Although we stay aware of the consequences that come with addiction, people still consume these substances to push their health to the cliff. The damage it causes inside the body is beyond measurable and the sufferers need suitable treatment procedures to overcome the situation.

Detox Center Siliguri

Consuming alcohol and taking different hazardous substances into your body deteriorate it massively. It impacts your brain in a way that you find it difficult to do basic functionalities. It is advisable to take consultation from Genesis Foundation, the best detox center in Siliguri. Here, we will offer you the finest de-addiction treatment to make sure your habit gets resolved in the quickest time possible.

As a reputed clinic in this region, we provide different treatment procedures to ensure our patients recover from their current situation and return to their homes at the earliest. Counselling is regarded as one of the oldest and the effective procedures to treat patients with addiction issues.

Some patients prefer undergoing group counselling. In group counselling sessions, professionals from the foundation suggest them to perform different activities like assigning some tasks that they have to complete within a certain time or making them listen to music to calm themselves. The primary role is to create a calming atmosphere so that every one of the patients does not feel out of place.

Detox Center Siliguri

The members of the Genesis Foundation will improve their social skills by keeping them busy in some sort of works. It enhances their concentration and gradually they will show signs of improvement. Apart from group therapy sessions, solo sessions are also beneficial for many patients.

Many sufferers are not comfortable communicating with other patients. Thus, a professional needs to provide compassionate care towards the patient to ensure he or she is opening up in front of the professional so that the situation gets easier to handle. Communication is very much essential to the road to recovery.

In addition to patient counselling, our members at Genesis sometimes opt for family counselling as well. It helps us to learn more about the patient and based on the patient’s likings and disliking, we offer treatment accordingly. There can be something that the patient likes in terms of activity or food that we can learn from the family that we can implement in the regular life schedule as part of the recovery.

Detox Center Siliguri

The primary aim of a detox center in Siliguri is to provide suitable treatment procedures so that the patient gets recovered within the shortest period. Although the recovery process can be a bit strenuous due to its longevity, if you remain stick with it, better days will wait for you at the end of the tunnel.

De-addiction therapy is beneficial for patients to let go of various addiction habits. It is necessary to seek help before the situation gets out of hand. A team of professionals will guide you thoroughly in every step during your recovery so that you can get back to your joyous self in the quickest time.

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