Our Values

  • 1) We recognize that addiction is a treatable and chronic disease.
  • 2) We value the importance of self-help groups for ongoing recovery, especially AA/NA and related Twelve - Step programs.
  • 3) We affirm that, with abstinence as a primary goal, when a patient may be better served by alternative treatment approaches and modalities we will respond positively.
  • 4) We believe that adherence to strong ethical standards of conduct in every area should never be compromised.
  • 5) We believe in treating everyone with respect and dignity.
  • 6) We are committed to ethical and responsive internal and external client service.
  • 7) We are eager to maintain our leadership role in the addiction treatment and prevention communities.
  • 8) We are committed to ongoing research and evaluation of all our programs and services to ensure that we are striving for excellence in all that we do.
  • 9) We value the people who work for Genesis Foudation and recognize that they are the key to our success.
  • 10) We are committed to maintaining a financially healthy organization and support the use of sound business practices in every area.
  • 11) We are dedicated to making our services financially, geographically, and programmatically successful.
  • 12) We will treat co-occurring disorders when it contributes to the treatment of the primary addiction.
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