De-Addiction Treatment Can my family visit me during my time at the rehab?

Families are absolutely important during your medication process. They can help you at a very emotional level. We also have Family therapy programs where your family members can join you.

No, you cannot. Cell phones and computers can distract you from you treatment.

Well, it depends on your condition entirely. And also how you respond to your treatment.

Anything. Counseling is a secure place for you to bring anything you'd like to talk about or to help you work through any problems you're having.

Yes it is absolutely confidential. So you can speak freely.

It depends on how you feel. If you feel the need to continue with the counseling you can.

Not exactly. We do not want to cause any discomfort between you and your family.

After your treatment procedure at Genesis is done, it is up to you and your family to follow the path of a good life. So yes, family therapy helps.

Families need help in these times of crisis. Hence letting them a helping hand is always a better option.

Meditation helps you calm and strengthen your minds. This helps you control it and lead a good life.

There is no limit to meditation. The more you do it the better.

It completely depends on you. If you can meditate for a longer time you can. Or if you want to break it up into intervals you can do that as well.

Meditation (dhyana) is a part of total yoga practice.

Yoga incorporates a highly holistic approach to wellness in its practise. It involves behaviours that promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

It entirely depends upon you. Whatever suits you will help you.

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