Rules & Regulations


Rules to be followed at Genesis foundation

No Cell Phones Or electronic Devices

No cell phones or electronic devices are allowed in the premises of Genesis Foundation. These devices act as distractions to the treatment procedure. And we want you to only focus on your well being.

Attendance in all Sessions

Attendance in all sessions conducted by Genesis Foundation is absolutely must. These programs are tailored and structured especially for your treatment.

No TV, Music or Movies

Although TV, Music and Movies are great sources of entertainment, they can cause a great deal of distraction. And these mediums can serve as triggers for you while you are undergoing treatment.

No drugs or alcohol in the premises

Since you are coming to Genesis Foundation to get rid of your addiction, it should not be surprising that drugs and alcohol will not be allowed in the premises.

Restrictions on where you go

You cannot just leave the facility at any time you like. There are rules and regulations to be followed.

Follow the schedule

All your programs and events that you have to attend at Genesis Foundation are all articulated in a schedule. You have to follow the schedule strictly.

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