Food & Nutrients


The body needs variety of foods to flourish. While carbohydrates are great for a short spurt of energy the body also wants proteins and healthy fats to reserve for later use. Upholding a balanced diet is the key to creating a healthy lifestyle in addiction recovery. We emphasize a healthy nutritive meal best suitable for the requirements of your body.

Food Nutrition

Here in Genesis Foundation, we serve quality & healthy foods under strict supervision of qualified nutritionists. Here in Genesis Foundation, we realize the importance of good nutrition in early recovery, which is why we provide the most experienced kitchen staffs. The freshest ingredients and careful preparation go into each meal we serve. While in detox and residential treatment, patients are provided with three nourishing meals each day and a variety of snacks and beverages provided at regular interval. We well understand the importance of nourishing their body with good food.

With those with a substance abuse disorder begin recovery, they are nutritionally deficient, as substance abuse result in irregular eating habits and poor diets. Those with a substance abuse disorder are 11 times more likely than those without one to have an eating disorder, according to a study conducted by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA).